About us

Our Online shop www.mbertram.de is specialized in buying and selling military antiques of historical value. We buy 98 % of our items from private households of our region, to lift up the security of originality of our goods. 

It is always our aim, to reach a consumer satisfaction of 100 %. 

To guarantee that, we offer an extensive expert knowledge, (based on more than 40 years’ experience with mil. antiques), a friendly and personal service, as well as highest rapidness in working on your orders.

Our company is unpolitical. We distance ourselves from right orientated ideas. Our assortment shall only be used for historical documentation and research.


Our national and international clients are museums, exhibitions, theatres, movie and television companies, publishers, authors, historians, private historical collections, and re-enactment groups. For exhibition and training purpose, we also delivered our items to military- and police units. 

We are of the opinion that historical pieces need to be preserved for following generations, so that they can touch and experience them in reality and not only read about them."


With friendly collector`s regards

 Yours Markus Bertram & Team