Observance of § 86 and § 86a StGB

German law ( § 86 und 86a StGb)

Agreement to the laws concerning our catalogue and offer:
We always obey the German laws. Therefore we would like you to read the following lines properly. You are only allowed to enter our internet catalogue if you agree that you only visit it for the reasons mentioned below.

All historic military articles offered on these sites are only offered and shown for historical and scientific reasons in the sense of the German law § 86 StGB and § 86a StGB. These paragraphs say that the use of any article with symbols of the Third Reich times from 1933-1945 is only allowed for: The purpose of civic enlightenment, the defence of unconstitutional intentions, the purpose of historical- and art-historical research, the enlightenment or the reporting about 
events of contemporary history, the Research of military items and of uniforms.

The company Markus Bertram offers the goods explicitly and only for above mentioned reasons. The use of these items for other purposes as mentioned in the German law, especially for propagandistic usage, is strictly forbidden according to § 86 StGB and § 86a StGB and is punishable under criminal law.

We only sell our items under the condition that the client has reached the age of 18 years and agrees explicitly to use and buy them with no other intention than mentioned in the German Law Paragraph § 86 StGB and § 86a StGB.

The client accepts these conditions if he or she makes use of our internet offer.