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We will evaluate and check your articles on the basis of that information and make a price offer to you.

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You send us the items in a registered, insured parcel.



After having received it we contact you and transfer the amount immediately.

Special information for sellers from foreign countries.
Because of high shipping- and money transfers costs, we usually only buy very valuable or big quantities from persons in foreign countries.
 Most times only complete military stocks, big, heavy items, or large military collections. 
The item value must be high enough to justify a business trip, to check the offer personally.

For sure you also can show and sell your items personally to us, for direct cash.

Therefore we need to make an appointment here in Wuppertal.

If you live in our region, it is no problem for us to visit you at your place and make an offer to you.

For very big quantities, valuable items, large collections, military storages, very big items, we offer to visit you at your place, no matter where it is in the world. 
The value has to be in relation to the costs of our business trip.

Thank you for your offer.

With best regards from Germany

Your Markus Bertram & Team